Hello Ladies! My name is Aliona and I am 40 years old. I have three children, and a second marriage. I was born and raised in a “third” country. Why is this important? Because it made me whom I am today!

I believe in women’s power, and from my personal experience I can say: You can be and become whatever YOU want!

To pass the experiences and encourage, guide, advise and empower someone it takes two involved parties. I strive to impact positively my friends, and everyday I meet new ladies that needs uplifting, support and counselling.

Sometimes a simple quote, a headline in an article, a movie sentence can change our mood, give us power, change our mind. I want to create my blog for you Ladies, so it becomes a retreat for you and an inspiration to achieve or become whom you want!

I believe in women solidarity, and all of us together are changing the world! Be part of it, take advantage of my blog, you are not alone!

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