Human beings are self-destructive. We do all the things we should NOT do and we often choose the worst actions, food, hobbies, professions, etc., just because we tend to be miserable…

Just think about it: we gain weight, and this bothers us, and we always consider how and when we should start that diet. Instead, we eat in all our anger, getting more weight, and feeling even worse about it.

And then, as this is not enough, we drink one evening, as we tell ourselves that we deserve it. And in the morning with our hangover and half memory of how we acted, what we said and what we’ve done while we were drunk, we feel even worse.

Correct me if I am wrong but this is self-destruction; the tendency towards a miserable oneself.
I’ve come up with an idea: we have to drink only when we are happy, celebrating something or enjoying a good company. And even then with reasonable measure! Then even if you get drunk, the next day you feel pleased that the planned good time went well, even with the hangover it was worth it!

I read in an article that once you know something, you stick to that information and you cannot act anymore as if you didn’t know it. And I could not agree more; if you hear that a friend has a problem, you cannot disregard it, you think of it, inquire to learn more, etc.

The only difference is in the reaction time of different people to different information, as we apply/use this information at different levels and intervals. Let’s say your blood sugar is high. The remedy: cut back on sweets and get some treatment. Do we do it straight away? No way!!! With only a small exception, all of us keep the same pattern of eating sweets. But the information is there; every time we even think of desserts, it comes up in our mind. And magically, we find ourselves accepting the fact that this time it will make no difference, or this small bite will not kill us… and so on.

At one point, though, we will take those corrective actions, as we are AWARE that the sweets are no good for us. However we find ourselves unhappy again, due to delay in taking actions , as we are torturing our selves as a result of our self-destructive nature.

Can we be better? Of course! Is it easy? No way…

It’s easy when it comes to others. We have the perfect solution ‘for our friend’, and we are very good at advising them. But we don’t do this with ourselves…

It’s not easy. But we can do it. One thing at a time. What bothers you more? What gives you sleepless nights? What frustrates you? Take this one problem and do something about it. The hardest part is the beginning. Once you start and keep doing it for a few weeks, it will become a habit, and then you can move to the second problem.

Take action today! Be better!

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