There are many types of depression. I want to talk about the activity of depression, the state we get when we don’t even want to move, that state where any action feels overwhelming and even the thought of it makes us tired.

This is the state of apathy. It is below our power to change it. It takes great effort and pressure for our inner self to get out of this state. It is not only difficult, it feels nearly unattainable.

There is no magic method to get out of it. Unless one wants to get out of that state, there is no shortcut or a pre-designed formula. No matter how much support and advise you get. Only when you get to the stage where you are sick of yourself, when you get some kind of emotion you start to want to change.

Do you like where you are right now? If not, change it. As Jim Rohn said: You are not a tree! . Take small actions every day. Don’t think that you will start all full range of actions and keep changing by the minute. This is where we are in default.

We wake up one day and set a range of new rules, diets, actions, priority and plan to perform all those and stick to the plan.

By the end of the day, we are so tired, that we are not happy with the plan, and even worse, we tell ourselves that this will never work, it is not for us… and make a lot of excuses to avoid change.

Hence, it is better to take one action at a time. Start with a small walk around the block daily for few minutes. After a few days, get it to half hour, and after few weeks to one hour or so. This way, day by day, sticking to one action at a time and improving / increasing the target makes you feel good about yourself, encouraging you to take another action, proving to yourself that you can do it!

Listen to every opinion and advise, but only take what suits you. Only YOU know yourself better that anyone. However you should not allow your mind to compromise yourself. It would be really nice and comforting to blame others for our state, but at the end of the day, we decided to take this downhill, when we gave up, we got tired and fed up and got disgusted by the environment and behaviours around us.

Be strong, be yourself, keep going, take actions that keep you sane, take the steps that will up-lift you and make you happy. Have faith in yourself!!!

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