Let’s start the journey together to become loyal to ourselves. The first step is Awareness. There are many definitions and types of awareness, but I would like to mention conscious awareness, unconscious awareness, and no awareness at all.

The latter is definitely the worst of all; not knowing something and not doing anything about it is the worst personal state. Imagine that you go to the North Pole in your swimwear, and when you get there, tough luck, it’s freezing. I know this is a silly example, but unawareness will hurt you, no matter what.

We constantly find excuses using the “I don’t know” what, how, when, where, etc. because it is convenient for us, when we are really covering for our inaction, non-interest or laziness to get ourselves to do something, achieve a goal, start a new job, a hobby, a class…

We need to pass this stage and get busy. We need to apply conscious awareness, to start doing something knowingly and realising what and why we are doing it. Think of driving a car. The first time, the first lesson, you think of every move and action before it happens, turn the wheel and tap that pedal knowingly to achieve the desired result – driving.
Now, after years of driving, all efforts are unconscious, we drive home and sometimes think for yourself “When did I get here???” We are not thinking of the moves anymore, it is all saved there and we act automatically. This is the stage and state we want to achieve.

And it all starts with conscious awareness. It is hard, though, to get yourself to do something if you do not have a genuine interest and immediate need. Why? It’s easier no to do it.

I need to exercise and I know it, and I feel the need to do it. I started once for a while and then stopped. “Too busy at work”, “Three kids at home”, “Too tired”, “Swamped”, and I realize now that I am too lazy and all the above are just excuses.

The reality is that no one was checking me on the results. I was not accountable to anyone but myself, and it is difficult to push myself to achieve something, for me, on my own, while not demanded to by an external party, i.e., no one cares about it except myself. If this was a demand from work where I would be held accountable for the result, sure thing, I would do it and even show off my achievements. But, like many of us, I sabotage myself. As I said, human nature is self-destructive…

Only with conscious actions repeated, again and again, we will get to unconscious awareness. When we act automatically, doing what we’ve learned so well, where it comes naturally and so comfortable, without efforts and struggle.

How to get there? There are many books, articles and courses on every subject. The first significant action is to be objective about ourselves.

We need to understand what we need, what we want, when we need it, WHY we need it and what is keeping us from achieving it?

It is crucial to clarify the WHY factor. If the why is clear, the HOW is then easy. Set one small task that you will commit to every day for one month, let’s say, and keep doing it without excuses and regret.
Keep a journal, write down your goals and your plans. Check the achievement and non-achievement and make improvements where needed. Keep a record of results every week, so you can correct yourself in time before it is too late.

Sounds easy? I thought so too. But unless you push yourself, no one else will do it for you. You have to push yourself to achieve what you want, get where you want, become whom you wish to! Be brave, take action today and make your wish come true tomorrow!!!

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