We are in our way to get some Loyalty to ourselves. Once Awareness has been well understood and accepted by each one personally, it’s time to move to the next step.

We are in demand for Interest from everywhere and everyone. Be it acknowledgment, approval, support, someone to notice us, etc. We are giving our interest to everything and anything around us, all but ourselves.

We aim to correct someone when they are wrong, and guide them when they are lost, advise when there is a solution… and yet, we do not use our own interest and suggestions for our own benefit.


It’s human nature, and it’s easier to guide others. It’s hard to work on your own benefit, and we tend to be self-destructive, we tend to remain miserable…

But we are now in the process of changing! There is no magic formula. There is only hard work, devotion and willingness to pay the price. And the price is high, very high.

We want to achieve something, but don’t have the strength to start, because:

  1. We may give up, and we are afraid of failure
  2. We will be forced to continue to keep our reputation
  3. We will have to actually DO what it takes, and this is hard, and we are too lazy…
  4. We don’t care that much about ourselves, hence the sabotage.

For things to change, you must change! No one will ever be able to do the hard work for you. You want to learn something, just do it. Want to exercise, get a profession, a new skill, a hobby, just do it. Find out what is required of you to achieve it! Show interest, devotion, and consistency, and it will get you where you want to arrive.

Nothing is free in our lives, and nothing is easy. And when I am talking about costs, I do not necessarily mean the economic part. Price may be time, effort, conditions, sacrifice. Anything that keeps you from achieving your goal has a cost attached to it.

The funny thing though is that personal interest works the same way as bank interest. The more you keep your attention to an area, the more growth you see in that particular matter. Once you draw your attention away, the results/level of achievement stops or drops as if you withdrew your money from the bank… And when we are thinking of financials, we do not prevent our income from accumulating, though we easily sabotage our goals, by getting distracted with whatever we can find, but not with what we need…

Stop undermining yourselves! Start working on your needs! Pay the necessary price, and achieve your dreams!!!

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