This is a hard one. We all have desires, for so many things, but…

What is desire anyway, and how does it influence us?

I started this post over a week ago, and I cannot yet put my thoughts together to deliver this the way I want it.

I can associate desire with cravings, for better clarity and ease of contrast. When we crave for cake, we take all the necessary actions to get it. And those actions are well planned and directed to the final goal: cake. We take all the required steps: change our route from work, find time and excuses for it, and finally get it. And the joy is tremendous; we’ve got what we want, and it makes us happy and somehow proud!!!

Desire on its own is a feeling of need, want, demand, or wish for a result or outcome. It will not get done without a set of action in place. It takes effort and energy to achieve the desired result, and this is the hard part where we all stop. 

I believe the desire to be the Alpha and Omega of our existence. All the progress in life and its quality is due to someone’s desire for something better, more and/or different.

It drives us to a better future, to a happier life, achievement, and prosperity. However the cost must eventually be paid, and here is where the troubles begin. We want outcomes without paying the price, and we believe that by wishing for, it will come along. NO WAY! Nothing in life is free.  

How, then, can we increase the positive result of making our desires come true? Here are some steps that can help with getting on the track of achievement:

  1. Write down what you desire the most; make sure to include details and reasons for them.
  2. Analyse each point in terms of its reasonableness, honesty, and importance.
  3. Write next to each one the barriers you currently see that stops you from achieving it.
  4. Find a solution and make a plan. There is nothing in the world today that we cannot learn or obtain from somewhere or someone. 
  5. Break down your plan into small steps and start acting.
  6. CHECK your progress in reasonable time intervals and keep your focus on the plan. 

Only you alone are responsible for the result, and only you can decide how, when and if you will achieve it. Be devoted to yourself and to your desires. Take the necessary steps towards your wishes. Pay the necessary price and most importantly DO IT FOR YOU!

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