It’s been some time since I did not write anything. And surprisingly I stopped at the Action post planned to follow. Can I find excuses for not acting? Of course! Are they valid? Not really.

I would cast my inaction to procrastination. Procrastination is a form of laziness in my opinion, or to be accurate, the actual result of why I did not write for so long.
The bottom line is, no matter what we want and how much we want it, if there are no well-designed actions planned and followed every day with regularity, nothing will change, we will not change.
I guess I am driven unconsciously by self-destructive principle, the desire for miserable self that sits deep down and holds me there by my unconscious mind.
In a perfect world, each one of us would have everything it desires. Our world is ideal the way it is, only that we don’t get what we want, we get what we deserve, and my result with this blog post is an obvious evidence.

We started our journey a few months ago to practice Self-Loyalty.

Awareness awakens interest, and when you are intrigued enough, the desire to act comes in, and it is your time to take action and get results.
Act when the ideas are fresh and emotions are strong. Don’t procrastinate and feel hopeless as it leads to failure. Use all your knowledge and ambitions into your daily activities and the things that will come for you will be astonishing.
Failure is inaction on the set plan, goals and aspirations. Failure also arise from mistaking movement for achievement. We work hard and long sometimes, and yet the result does not come, and we are dreadfully disappointed feeling wronged.
Don’t let the idea of failure to influence your future. Make a plan, step by step and stick to it. Review the progress in a timely manner and take corrective actions where necessary.

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