What actually is loyalty???

Cambridge dictionary defines it as: “Firm and not changing in your friendship with or support for a person or an organization, or in your belief in your principle.”

We are loyal to our parents, family, friends, our job, the next-door supermarket, a coffee shop, a cup that we love and wouldn’t change it…. but we are NOT loyal to ourselves…

Have you ever thought about this? Are you truthful, faithful, and devoted to YOUR self??? I would love to hear from you about this. Please feel free to leave your comments and share your beliefs on this topic.

It’s interesting though when you think about it. We’d do anything for someone else but won’t do it for ourselves. It may sound like egoism, but this is not the point I want to make here. We help a friend achieve a goal, get somewhere, buy something, morally support them, emotionally share and engage with them, but when it comes to us, we avoid supporting ourselves to achieve, to get, gain, etc.

Why is that? Possibly because of our self-destructive nature, as I mentioned in my previous post. Can we do something about it? Of course, but this is the hardest and most challenging task to perform.

We would love to see a magic formula or “five steps to successful me,” or “X steps to follow to become…” in our search for action. Just to tick off a box indicating that we tried and nothing happened, no magical transformation, just the same miserable me still left to carry on.

Do we really try? Do we devote ourselves to a cause and course of action and make everything possible to achieve our goal? The truth is NO. And as much we try to convince ourselves the opposite, this is not true.

We blame most of our non-achievement and inaction to lack of time, lack of power, circumstances, economic status, family, nature, you name it. We are so creative of finding dozens of excuses when all we need is one.

We are, though, very creative and flexible in finding time for what we decide to. If a woman chooses to do something or go somewhere, she will find the time, the way, the finances and she will do it. All she needs is a decision.

You see, the significant factor here is the choice. It is our choice what we include in our priorities, and by default, ourselves are always the last to be cared about. It’s time to change that and change it today. One small action repeated every day will become a habit, and ultimately get you to the desired change.

Don’t jump to change all the things in one day, as you will not achieve anything. On the contrary, it will be hard, unattainable, and you will get frustrated and unhappy with yourself, feeling useless and unworthy.

We have our pattern of daily actions set for a long period of time. Any changes to that pattern make us feel discomfort and frustration; hence, when changing that pattern dramatically, it may have a negative impact instead of getting benefiting from it.

What is it that YOU want? Make a list, choose the easiest and least time-consuming one, and plan its implementation.

I will start with exercising every day for 15 minutes in the morning. Can I do it? I guess. Do I have time? I can make the time: wake up 30 minutes earlier. Do I have the strength? I will gain it through exercise. And to be resultative, I will drag my son to join me. It is difficult to get a child to exercise these days, and it will give me the stimulus to keep going.

You see, automatically I switched to my son, so that I get the ‘stimulus’, whereas the truth is that we are always keen to enhance someone else, to offer a benefit to someone else and we never concentrate on ourselves as a primary need.

Anyway, we must take the necessary steps to achieve OUR ultimate goal! I will keep you informed of my progress!

Stop compromising yourself! Start ONE small action today!

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